Today’s Comic and Art (8th March 2014)

Although I have no plans to go back to making regular “Damania” comics, I thought that I’d see what one of these comics looked like when they were painted using watercolour pencils. I’ll also post a random picture that I painted a couple of days earlier too.

As usual, this comic and painting are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Damania - Horror Elitism" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Horror Elitism” By C. A. Brown

As I said earlier, “Damania – Horror Elitism” was basically just an experiment with making one of these comics using watercolour pencils. This comic took a lot longer to produce than I expected, not to mention that Derek is absolutely terribly drawn in the first panel too.

And, yes, for the record – slasher movies are about the most boring, un-scary, predictable, formulaic and just downright generic type of horror movie in existence.

Ironically, most of the genuinely scary horror movies out there are actually modern ones. With a few exceptions (eg: “Event Horizon” and the remake of “House On Haunted Hill” from the 90s), horror really doesn’t age that well.

"Random Forest" By C. A. Brown

“Random Forest” By C. A. Brown

Random Forest” was a small painting I painted a few days earlier. It’s ok, but it ended up being kind of generic though.

Woo hoo! “Damania” is now on Youtube :)

2014 Artwork Damania TV intro titlescreen

Well, although I have no plans to make any “Damania” comics in the near future, I have been experimenting with animation recently and I made two animated “trailers” for this comic.

Anyway, since I’m also experimenting with Windows Movie Maker, I thought that I’d dust off my old Youtube account and put them on there (I’ll embed both videos here too).

Anyway, the first “trailer” is more upbeat and the second one is slightly gloomier and more gothic.

Enjoy :)

(If the embedded video doesn’t work, these videos can also be found here and here)

Merry Christmas 2013 :)

Well, since it’s the 25th December, I thought that I’d wish you all a merry Christmas (or Festivus/Kwanzaa/ belated Winter Solstice/ even more belated Hannukah/ very belated Easter etc…) :)

Anyway, here’s this year’s “Damania” Christmas picture :)

"Merry Christmas 2013" By C. A. Brown

“Merry Christmas 2013″ By C. A. Brown

(As usual, this picture is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.)

Anyway, have a great day :)

(Ps: Regular posts will resume tomorrow)

Postponed Comic: “Damania – The Great Wave”

(Note: This was originally going to have been published a month ago [and it was drawn a couple of weeks earlier], but it didn’t really seem appropriate to publish it then due to various storms in the news at the time)

"Damania - The Great Wave" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – The Great Wave” By C. A. Brown

Damania – The Great Wave” was originally inspired by this rather dramatic footage of a storm hitting the coast in Aberystwyth (an amazing town in Wales which is one of the inspirations for the setting of “Damania”). Anyway, it made me think of Hokusai’s “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa” and 19th century Japanese art in general. Originally, the octopus was going to be holding a bouquet of flowers but this seemed like too much of an obvious reference to Hokusai’s infamous “fisherman’s wife” picture.

Today’s “Damania” Comic and Screenshots (5th December 2013)

[Note: I usually make this these posts a while in advance, so I forgot to mention that "Damania" will go on a brief hiatus for the next week or so (and there will be 'normal' art posts instead), but "Damania" will return in a slightly different form....]

Well, I still don’t seem to be feeling hugely artistic at the moment (and I still seem to be more fascinated with computer games than usual too). So, for today, there’s a “Damania” Comic I made a while ago as well as some frames and screenshots from a fairly short “Damania” – themed ‘game’ I made when I was messing around with the free version of an excellent program called “Adventure Maker“.

This program is extremely intuitive and easy to use (and there’s no programming in it :) You just literally add hotspots to still images and that’s it ), but the full version and commercial versions seem slightly expensive by my current standards ( $69 USD and $139 USD respectively).

I’m not sure if I’m going to release the screenshots under a Creative Commons licence, but the comic is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Damania - Seems To Be Going Downhill These Days" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Seems To Be Going Downhill These Days” By C. A. Brown

Damania – Seems To Be Going Downhill These Days” is another cynical, and fairly cliched, “Damania” comic about modern FPS games. I kind of had writer’s block when I made it and the title is a cynical comment about the quality of this comic.

Selected “Damania” game project screenshots and frames:

Unfortunately, the cursor isn’t visible in the screenshots, but you can expand them to read the text (which actually contains a bit of backstory too…)

The title screen for my random project/experiment.

The title screen for my random project/experiment.

The character selection screen [Only Roz was playable in the short "Demo" I made]

The character selection screen [Only Roz was playable in the short "Demo" I made]

2013 Damania Game Screenshot 1

Fun fact: Derek is watching a TV show called "Celebrity 'Help! I'm In A Blender!' "

Fun fact: Derek is watching a TV show called “Celebrity ‘Help! I’m In A Blender!’ “

2013 Damania game screenshot 3

Fun fact: If you walk to the edge of this room, you'll be sucked into the cold void of space and be treated to a rather gruesome (for a "Damania" comic at least)"Game Over" screen.

Fun fact: If you walk to the edge of this room, you’ll be sucked into the cold void of space and be treated to a rather gruesome (for a “Damania” comic at least)”Game Over” screen.

2013 Damania game screenshot 5

Today’s “Damania” Comics (2nd December 2013)

Well, I made two “Damania” comics for today and both of them ended up being fairly random and obscure….

As usual, these two comics are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Damania - Nightcore" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Nightcore” By C. A. Brown

Damania – Nightcore” came into being after I realised that I hadn’t made a comic about this bizarre new genre of music. I don’t know why, but for some strange reason, every nightcore video I’ve seen on Youtube has anime art (and a fair amount of it is horror art for some wierd reason. Although I mostly just listened to nightcore versions of metal/punk songs, so this might explain it…).

As for Derek’s comments in the last panel.. well.. although I may look like a grumpy and cynical twentysomething, I actually have the soul of a grumpy and cynical octogenarian (I keep it in a jar on my desk, but don’t tell anyone).

Oh, talking of random things on Youtube, I recently rediscovered this totally bizarre and extremely nostalgic music video from the early 2000s too [Warning: This video contains strobing/flashing effects. It will also melt your brain if you watch it more than once too].

"Damania - Needs A Walkthrough" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Needs A Walkthrough” By C. A. Brown

Damania – Needs A Walkthrough” started when I wondered what would happen if Harvey was ever confronted with the bizarre “logic” of old adventure games.

And, yes, if you can guess exactly which part of which game I’m alluding to in the last panel (hint: look at the rubber duck), then you have very good taste in computer games.

Today’s “Damania” Comics (30th November 2013)

Well, I made two “Damania” comics today and I really like how they both turned out, although they both ended up being computer/internet-themed comics for some random reason.

Since “Damania – Someone Needs To Make This” contains characters and settings from an old computer game, only “Damania – Copypasta” will be released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Damania - Someone Needs To Make This" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Someone Needs To Make This” By C. A. Brown

As the title suggests, “Damania – Someone Needs To Make This” is about a “Doom” mod/TC which someone really needs to make! If I actually knew how to use the “Doom” engine and didn’t pretty much have an allergy to anything even vaguely resembling programming, then this is probably one of the things that I would make…

In case you’re totally puzzled by this comic, “Duke Nukem II” was a platform game from the 1990s which was the second game to ever feature Duke Nukem (and the first game to spell his name correctly). Along with the “Commander Keen” games, I have a lot of fond memories of playing this game when I was a kid and it would be so cool if someone was able to make a version of it that works on the “Doom” engine.

Yes, there was “Duke Nukem 3D” a few years later, but the atmosphere and style of that game is surprisingly different to the first two “Duke Nukem” games and it’d be interesting to see what “Duke Nukem II” would actually look like if it was an old-school 90s FPS game.

"Damania - Copypasta" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Copypasta” By C. A. Brown

The title of “Damania – Copypasta” is something of a misnomer since the comic is actually about those random joke e-mails which almost always seem to circulate around the internet. Seriously, who writes these?

Today’s “Damania” Comics (27th November 2013)

Well, I made two “Damania” comics for today, but I was in kind of a cynical mood and this is probably reflected somewhat in both of these comics….

As usual, these two comics are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Damania - Christmas Adverts" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Christmas Adverts” By C. A. Brown

I made “Damania – Christmas Adverts” a little under two weeks ago. Enough said.

"Damania - The Tipper Sticker" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – The Tipper Sticker” By C. A. Brown

Damania – The Tipper Sticker” was kind of inspired by the fact that (in Britain at least) we seem to be going through yet another 1950s/1980s -style moral panic about music and music videos.

The lastest thing seems to be that student unions in some universities are banning a pop song by Robin Thicke. Yes, “Blurred Lines” may be four minutes of obnoxious bragging and posturing. Yes, the lyrics can be interpreted in a rather creepy way too (and the narrator in this song certainly sounds like a pretty dodgy kind of guy). Yes, this song was probably written to generate publicity and money controversy. Yes, it probably isn’t worth listening to. Yes, it will probably be forgotten in a couple of years’ time.

But, despite all of this, I’m still shocked that “liberal” university students are acting in such a fundamentally conservative manner by literally banning it.

*sigh* This country is definitely up a creek without a paddle when liberals also want to censor things too…

Anyway, these ridiculous PMRC “parental advisory” stickers were the result of the last huge moral panic about music (and not even in Britain too, but we still got these pointless stickers too) and I dread to think what the result of our current moral panic will be…

(As I said earler, I was in a fairly cynical mood when I made these comics….)

New “Damania” Comic On PekoeBlaze Uncut

2013 Artwork EXTRACT Damania - Why I'm A Retro Gamer

This is just a quick post to point out that there’s a new “Damania” comic on PekoeBlaze Uncut [Mildly NSFW]. It’s a bit of a smug comic about yet another reason why old games/consoles are a lot better than modern ones (and why I’m glad that I don’t own an Xbox of any kind).

This comic is titled “Damania – Why I’m A Retro Gamer” and it was drawn fairly quickly after I read about Microsoft’s ridiculous policy of banning people from parts of XBOX Live for using profanity in uploaded videos. Seriously, have they never played a videogame?

I mean, you’d be hard pressed to probably find even one gamer who has never ever used profanity in joy or frustation when they are playing a game. Microsoft’s policy is not only ridiculous, it is also unrealistic. Anyway, since this comic uses a word which most people use on a daily and/or weekly basis, I thought that I’d post it on my “Uncut” blog instead.

Today’s “Damania” Comics (24th November 2013)

Although I made two “Damania” comics for today, the writing and art in both of these comics didn’t really turn out as well as I hoped that it would.

Since “Damania – A Plan Comes Together” is a parody comic, only “Damania – Fair And Square” will be released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Damania - Fair And Square" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Fair And Square” By C. A. Brown

Damania – Fair And Square” was kind of random and it started out when I felt like drawing Harvey posing with a tommy gun in a melodramatic way.

Then I started to wonder what would happen if he actually tried playing a computer game (since he’s notoriously old-fashioned) and the comic just kind of evolved from there. However, I had fairly serious writer’s block when it came to the dialogue in the last panel, which is why Harvey doesn’t really say anything at the end of this comic.

"Damania - A Plan Comes Together" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – A Plan Comes Together” By C. A. Brown

Damania – A Plan Comes Together” was a parody comic that I made after watching the first couple of episodes of season three of “The A Team”. However, the art was kind of rushed and the joke is fairly obvious and cliched too.