“How To Draw” Is Going To Be On Hiatus

2013 Artwork How To Draw Nothing

Well, although I managed to resurrect it twice in the past few months, I’m sorry to say that my daily “How To Draw” series will be going on either temporary or permanent hiatus for time and energy reasons.

Don’t worry, my daily art posts and articles won’t be affected by this and they will still run as normal (at 3:11pm and 7:45pm GMT). But, in order to keep these two core parts of my blog going at the moment, I’ve had to drop “How To Draw” (at least temporarily, but possibly permanently).

In addition to this, the fact that I’ve basically been repeating my old “How To Draw” guides (albeit as animations) for the past couple of weeks is also a sign that perhaps this series has run its course.

In fact, I’m surprised that “How To Draw” has lasted for as long as it has (given that it was originally just meant to be a quick replacement for one article last summer).

Still, I’d like to apologise to anyone who is a fan of this daily series, since I feel like I’m letting you (and myself) down. But, in order to keep the rest of this blog running, I’ve had to drop this series. I’m not sure if or when I’ll get back to three posts a day (and whether that third post will still be “How To Draw” or not), but I’d like to apologise about this.

(Animated) How To Draw A Shotgun Cartridge

(Note: This will probably be the last “How To Draw” guide for at least a while, since this series will be going on extended hiatus. The rest of my blog won’t be affected [and there will still be daily art posts and articles], but I’ll probably post a slightly more detailed explanation tomorrow. Sorry about this)

Well, I’m experimenting with producing animated “How To Draw” guides at the moment. And for this animation, I thought that I’d show you how to draw a shotgun cartridge (again).

I’m not quite sure what happened with the colours in this animation, but this was about the best I could get it to be.

This animation is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

This animation is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.