Best of The Blog (22 April 2013 – 16th May 2013)

2013 Artwork Greatest Hits sketch

Well, since I ended up printing off a volume of the best articles from this blog yesterday as a present for someone, I suddenly realised that it might be a good idea to provide an electronic version of this collection here in case anyone is interested.

Also, since the page layout I use for this blog makes searching for older articles slightly time-consuming, I thought it’d be good to have a list of links in order to save time for anyone reading this blog.

So, here’s a list of links to the articles in the collection (as well as a few articles which didn’t make it into the collection). Enjoy.

Here are the articles from the original collection:

+ “Geek Out About Your Stories”
+ “One Old Rule About Beginning A Story”
+ “Getting Things Past The Censor”
+ “Eight Ways To Beat Creative Blocks” [sorry about the broken link, I’ve just corrected it]
+ “Emotions And Creativity”
+ “DIY Worlds – The Advantages of Creating Your Own Settings”
+ “The Seeds Of Stories”
+ “How To Recycle Your Failures”
+ “Creating And Including ‘Forbidden Knowledge’ In Your Sci-fi and Fantsy Stories”
+ “Should You ‘Write From Experience’?”
+ “Six Ways To Fuel Your Creativity”

…And here are some more of my favourite articles which didn’t make it into the collection:

+ “Some Thoughts About Writing And Drawing Filler” (nothing like THIS article, of course…)
+ “Creative Role Models And Inspiration”
+ “How To Give Your Story Or Comic That Special Quality”
+ “Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment Creatively”
+ “Some Tips And Tricks For Writing Good Horror Fiction”
+ “How And Why You Should Add Crossovers To Your Story and/or Comic”
+ “The Pros and Cons Of Writing a Fiction/Comic series”
+ “Should I draw My Comic in Colour or Black & White/Greyscale?”
+ “What Is The Soundtrack To Your Story?”
+ “Finding Your Own Narrative Voice”
+ “Why You Should Develop Your Own Art Style And How To Do It”

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