Today’s “Damania” Comics (1st July 2013)

Well, I made three “Damania” comics and one animation today and I’m quite proud of how they all turned out.

I’ve also decided to conclude my “festivals” story arc today too, since I was running out of ideas.

As usual, these three comics and one animation are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Licence.

"Damania - Festival Village" By C. A .Brown

“Damania – Festival Village” By C. A .Brown

Wow, I’m really proud of the art in “Damania – Festival Village”, although the backgrounds in the first two panels ended up being slightly less detailed than I originally thought that they would be.


"Damania - Festival Book Signing" By C. A. Brown

“Damania – Festival Book Signing” By C. A. Brown

Well, I thought I’d do another comic about Harvey’s weekend at the literary festival and although “Damania – Book Signing” was slightly rushed, I still quite like how it turned out.


"Damania - Festival Leaving" By C.A.Brown

“Damania – Festival Leaving” By C.A.Brown

“Damania – Festival Leaving” is the last comic in the “festivals” story arc.

But, yeah, although I’ve seen it happen at least once – I’ve never understood why people at some festivals set their tents alight before they leave. I mean, if it’s a cheap tent and they don’t want to carry it back, then why don’t they just either abandon it or donate it to charity or something like that?

Anyway, as soon as I wrote the last panel of this comic, I realised that I just had to make a short animation of Roz attacking her tent with a chainsaw. And, about an hour later, I had made “Damania – Roz vs. Tent” – although it doesn’t actually show Roz destroying her tent, it turned out quite well for something I made so quickly..

"Damania - Roz vs. Tent" (animation) By C.A.Brown

“Damania – Roz vs. Tent” (animation) By C.A.Brown

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