How To Draw A Swimming Pool

Well, for the next post in my “How To Draw” series, I’ll be focusing on how to draw a swimming pool. Although you probably won’t have to draw too many of these, it’s a good way of illustrating how to draw transparent water.

Although, for the sake of clarity, this guide is mostly drawn in pen – if you’re just starting out then it’s best to draw your whole swimming pool in pencil first.

Plus, this is good practice in case you want to add anything to your swimming pool (remember, underwater objects should be drawn with wavy lines) after you’ve drawn the pool.

As usual, in case my writing isn’t legible, I’ll type a copy of the instructions below this guide.

[I can’t believe I thought a parallelogram was a rhombus *facepalm*. I apologise for the error in this guide.]

This guide is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Licence.

This guide is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Licence.

1)Draw a rhombus (preferably in pencil). [Technically, this can also be a parallelogram too – like in this guide *facepalm*]

2) Decide on the water line and mark it in pencil.

3) Draw vertical lines above the water line.

4)Make the vertical lines below the water line slightly wavy.

5) Add straight horizontal lines above the water line and wavy [horizontal] lines below the water line.

6) Colour in the water and add other details like lines on the surface of the water.

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