Today’s Art (18th July 2013)

Well, I’m really proud of how today’s drawings turned out:) . I ended up using inverted/negative colour effects in the backgrounds of all three drawings after I’d scanned them.

If you’ve got an image editing program which can do this effect, then it’s worth experimenting with (although be sure to find a colour wheel first [there are a few on Wikipedia] – so you can see what the opposites of any colours you use will be sure.

But, yeah, it’s the perfect effect to use for surreal art and it also gives your drawings an afterimage-like quality too.

As usual, these three drawings are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND Licence.

"A Curious Journey" By C. A. Brown

“A Curious Journey” By C. A. Brown

"Fading Realm" By C. A. Brown

“Fading Realm” By C. A. Brown

"Afterimage Temple" By C. A. Brown

“Afterimage Temple” By C. A. Brown

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