Best Of The Blog (9th June – 20th July 2013)

2013 Artwork Best of the Blog 3 sketch

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts, so I thought I’d make another collection of links to all the article I’ve posted since my last “Best of the Blog” post.

– “One Strange Way To Beat Writer’s Block
– “Six Ways To Come Up With Good Chapter Titles
– “One Simple Test To See If Your Poetry Is Good Or Not
– “Past vs. Present Tense In Fiction And Poetry
– “Five Tips For Writing An Episodic/Serialised Story
– “Suggest More Than You Show In Your Drawings
– “Four Tips For Writing Surreal/Bizarro/Slipstream Fiction
– “One Trick For Starting A New Chapter If You’ve Got Writer’s Block
– “On Redrawing Your Old Art
– “Let Your Art Evolve (And Follow Your Random Ideas)
– “See Your Drawings As Moments In Time
– “One Simple Trick To Beat Creative Burnout
– “Writing Comedy In Webcomics
– “How ‘Damania’ Began…
– “How To Come Up With Mysterious Metaphors And Strange Similes
– “See ‘Writer’s Block’ As A Puzzle Rather Than A Curse
– “Use Nostalgia In Your Stories And Comics

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