Review: “Farscape” (Season Two) (TV Show)

Well, after finishing season one of “Farscape” (you can find my review for it here ), I moved on to the second season.

Whilst there are many stand-alone episodes of this show, the whole thing is ideally watched in order (since things in the background often carry over from episode to episode). So it’s probably a good idea to watch season one before you get started on season two. This review may contain some spoilers for season one too.

Season two of “Farscape” begins directly after the shocking ending of the first season and it covers a range of storylines, as well as a few plot arcs before ending in an equally suspenseful way.

One of the things I really love about this season is the sheer variety of different episodes and storylines that they manage to fit into just twenty-two episodes. There are some very “classic” old-school sci-fi episodes (such as “Home On The Remains”, “My Three Crichtons” and “Dream A Little Dream”).

There are some heavily character-based episodes ( such as “The Way We Weren’t” [although this episode gets slightly melodramatic], “Taking The Stone”, “The Locket” and ” Out Of Their Minds”).

There are also some genuinely creepy episodes too (such as “Crackers Don’t Matter”, “Picture If You Will” [probably the most disturbing and visually innovative episode in the season] and “Won’t Get Fooled Again” [which somehow manages to be both absolutely hilarious and disturbing at the same time]).

In fact, “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is probably the most innovative episode in this season and, yes, it gets very very very strange. If you’ve got a suitably twisted sense of humour, you’ll probably be rolling around on the floor with laughter during the second half of the episode (and you’ll never think of Crais or Rigel in quite the same way again either…)

In addition to this wide range of storylines, there are also two longer storylines (“Look At The Princess” and “Liars, Guns And Money”). Unlike in most TV shows, these longer stories last for three episodes rather than two. Surprisingly, this works really well and both stories keep going at such a pace that it will still only feel like you’ve watched a two-part episode.

“Look At The Princess” is mostly set on an independent Sebacian colony planet, which is ruled by a monarchy. After a party on the planet, Crichton accidentally discovers that he is the only person on the planet who is genetically compatible with the princess. If she does not marry and produce a heir within a set time, then her treacherous brother will take the throne instead. As such, Crichton is strongly encouraged to marry her. Of course, Aeryn isn’t very happy about any of this and, surprisingly, Scorpius has arrived on the planet too. Although this description may not sound that interesting, this three-part episode is surprisingly compelling.

“Liars, Guns And Money” is basically a bank heist storyline. Since the crew of Moya urgently need a large amount of cash to rescue someone (saying who it is would gave away some spoilers), they plan to rob an illicit no-questions-asked “shadow depository” where literally anyone can deposit their ill-gotten wealth. Of course, things don’t exactly go to plan. This is probably the best one of the two longer storylines and all three parts of it are extremely compelling, suspenseful and thrilling.

Like with “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s” “Badda Bing Badda Bang” episode (from season seven) and one of the early episodes of “Firefly”, I absolutely love sci-fi bank heists – so it’s absolutely great to see that there’s one of these storylines in “Farscape” too.

Being something of a censorship geek, it was quite puzzling to see that one of the DVDs in the UK edition of this season had an 18 certificate. It’s always amusing when a whole season of a TV show (like season one of “Angel” and season two of “The X Files”) gets this rating due to literally one episode. Looking around online, the one episode of “Farscape” that the BBFC gave an 18 cert to was “Home On The Remains”.

In all honesty, I can see why the BBFC might have possibly given “Home On The Remains” this rating back in 2000/2001 due to a couple of (fairly unrealistic and obviously theatrical) gruesome/violent scenes and a rather loud head-butt (the BBFC used to be fairly strict about head-butts, although there are loads of them in season one of “Farscape”). However, by modern standards, this episode would probably just get a 15 certificate.

In terms of character development, this season absolutely excels itself. Although there isn’t a gigantic amount of new information revealed about the main characters, you’ll get a much better sense of who they are (including side characters like Crais, Stark and Scorpuis) over the course of the second season.

All in all, this season is even better than the first one and an absolute must for sci-fi fans. Now to get started on season three…

If I had to give season two of “Farscape” a rating out of five, then it would get a solid five.

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