Introducing “Ambitus” – My New Fiction Series

2013 Artwork Ambitus Episode One Cover

Well, since “Liminal Rites” is nearly ending (there are about four days left), I thought that I’d give you all a treat and start my next project early!

“Ambitus” (which can be found here) is a sci-fi/comedy series which will be released in 10,000-15,000 word “episodes”. When an episode has started, new chapters will be posted daily (probably at 22:30pm GMT, like “Liminal Rites”). Think of it as a TV series, but with a really low budget.

Anyway, “Ambitus” follows a group of three passengers (and a drunken pilot) on a Unified Territories civilian transport ship on a routine journey to New Pluto.

However, following a border dispute, they suddenly find themselves firmly within the Federated Territories and it isn’t long before they end up being chased by an unusually angry military captain with a score to settle.

Anyway, chapter one is now online and it can be found here.

2 comments on “Introducing “Ambitus” – My New Fiction Series

  1. Alena S.Y. says:

    Revenge story. I’m intrigued! I look forward to reading “Ambitious.” I love sci-fi works but struggled to write any. Hope to read it soon! -Alena S.Y.,

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