Poem: “Another”

Well, I was in kind of an introspective mood earlier and this poem just kind of appeared. Seriously, the words “another world-ending fear” and “another untranslatable thought” flashed through my mind and I thought that I’d write them down in case I could use them in a poem sometime.

And, shortly after I wrote them down, the whole poem just kind of appeared in my mind line-by-line at lighting speed (although the rather fixed structure of every line probably helped with this).

This poem took me about fifteen minutes to write and it rhymes almost perfectly too. Although I don’t write poetry that often, I often end up surprising myself when I do.

Anyway, without any further ado, here’s “Another”.


By C. A. Brown

Another glistening tear,
another world-ending fear,
another bright daydream,
another familiar theme.

Another untranslatable thought,
another hope cut short,
another serene solitude,
another glimpse of meaning.

Another story to carry me,
another borrowed philosophy,
another roiling dream,
another inner scream.

Another mistranslation,
another emotional poison,
another hidden mythology,
another strange synchronicity.

Another cathartic fantasy,
another beautiful insanity,
another existential ecstacy,
another moment of meaning.

Another hour too fast,
another day too slow,
another alien moment,
another incomprehensible lament.

Another icy terror,
another sudden error,
another moment of not knowing,
another introspective poem.

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