Best of the Blog (21st July -1st September 2013)

2013 Artwork Best of the Blog 4 sketch

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve done one of these posts – so I thought that I’d compile a list of links to all the articles about writing, art etc.. I’ve written over the past month or so.

-“Creating Article/Comic Buffers For Blogs And Webcomics
-“What To Do If You Slow Down In The Middle Of Your Story
-“Adding A Plot Twist To Your Story? Foreshadow It!.”
-“Avoiding Repetitive Sentence Openings In First-Person Narration
– “Drawing 3D Scenery For Beginners
-“Disillusionment Is A Good Part Of The Creative Process
-“How To Be Creative During The Apocalypse
-“Five Things To Do If Your Story Is Going Round In Circles
-“Six Tips For Writing Dialogue
-“Five Things To Do When All Your Art Starts Looking The Same
-“Should I Include A Romantic Sub-Plot In My Story?
-“Writing In A Different Genre?
-“Should You Base Your Characters On Real People?
– “Should You ‘Close The Bedroom Door’ In Your Stories?
– “Find Your Creative Timeframe (And Use It To Your Advantage)
-“How Gruesome Should Your Story Be?
-“Five Tips For Writing Gothic Fiction
-“Seven Tips For Writing Good Parodies
-“Nine Reasons Your Story Isn’t Going Well” (comic)
-“Six Tips For Learning How To Draw
– “Think Of Your Chapters Like Scenes From A Film (Or A TV Show)

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