“Jadzia Strange” Teaser Poster

"Jadzia Strange Comic Teaser Poster (15th September 2013)" By C. A. Brown

“Jadzia Strange Comic Teaser Poster (15th September 2013)” By C. A. Brown

Well, due to a scheduling error on my part, I forgot to make any art for today. So, instead, here is a “teaser” poster for my next comics project (which will start tomorrow and replace my “Today’s Art” posts for a while. Likewise, “Ambitus” will probably go on hiatus for a while after episode two concludes tonight).

Anyway, my next project will be a comic called “The Adventures Of Jadzia Strange” – it is a “remake” of an unfinished comic I started in 2010 (which can be found here on my DeviantART gallery – new pages of the comic will also be posted there too).

I was inspired to start this comic a while after I wrote today’s article a few days ago and I’ve been working on it ever since.

Anyway, I’ll post the cover and the first page of this comic tomorrow (at the usual time [19:45 GMT]). I’ll probably be releasing two pages of it every day too, so stay tuned….

One comment on ““Jadzia Strange” Teaser Poster

  1. […] As I mentioned yesterday, I am very proud to announce that I’ve decided to try to re-make and re-finish my old unfinished “Jadzia Strange” comic from 2010. I got this idea after writing my article about spin-offs and taking another look at this old unfinished comic and thinking “Wow! The art looks terrible, I can do way better these days!” And, in that moment, I decided to re-make it. […]

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