This Looks Cool :) – “Zombies Hate Kung Fu” By Ricky-Marcel Pitcher, David Velasquez and Leo Au Yeung

Image from:

Art by David Velasquez

Well, I recently got a comment mentioning this comic project which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

I was initially slightly sceptical but, when I read the press release, it actually sounded like a seriously cool comic with a fairly innovative take on the zombie genre too (seriously, I’m surprised that no-one has ever thought of combining martial arts and zombies before).

Here’s the plot synopsis from the press release:

“…it covers a self contained story, introducing a Kung Fu expert called Mann and a horticulturaly gifted slacker named Ziggy. The two form a unique partnership, combining their disparate skills and allowing them to thrive in the face of the zombie apocalypse. Mann and Ziggy’s ‘easy’ life of growing, trading and fighting is suddenly disrupted when they run into a scientist who has her own theory on the origin of the ‘zombies’, and how to deal with them. Reluctantly, Mann and Ziggy get thrown into her adventure of scientific experiments and running battles with a mysterious band of heavily armed strangers, along with their regular tangles with zombie hordes.”

One of the innovative things about this comic is that a Wing Chun master and fight choreographer called Leo Au Yeung will design all of the fight scenes in the comic. Not only that, most of the fight scenes will apparently be rotoscoped from footage of Master Leo and his students too. So it seems like the Kung Fu in this comic may be fairly realistic and accurate too.

Also, the fact that Mann is wearing blue gloves in a lot of the art from the comic seemed a bit puzzling at first (and I thought that it was a “Firefly” reference). However, I suddenly realised (in a moment of what TV Tropes would call “Fridge Brilliance“) that he probably wears these to stop himself from being contaminated [with a possible (?) zombie virus or just ordinary bacteria from the zombies] if he grazes his fists whilst fighting the zombies.

If Pitcher and Velasquez are able to put such a clever detail into the promotional art alone, then the comic is probably going to be filled with interesting and realistic stuff like this…

So, if you are interested, check out the Kickstarter page.

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