Best Of The Blog (2nd September 2013- 3rd October 2013)

2013 Artwork Best Of The Blog 3rd October 2013

Well, it’s another month, so here’s another “Best Of The Blog” post. So, here’s a list of links to all the articles (excluding reviews) I’ve written over the last month.

– “Six Reasons Why Drawing Is Better Than Painting

“Five Ways To Avoid Cheesy Fake Product Names In Your Story Or Comic”

– “Three Ways To Write A Cool Story

– “How To Know When You’ve Found Your Own Art Style

– “How To Find Random Things To Add To Your Story

– “Five Basic Tips For Your First Comic

– “Writing A Depressing Story? Balance It Out

– “Some Thoughts About Morality And Storytelling

– “Six Tips For Making Interactive Stories/Gamebooks

– “Three Ways To Turn A Stock Character Into An Interesting Character

– “Four Tips For Writing A Spin-Off (For The First Time)

– “Five Tips For Writing Dystopic Fiction

– “Five Tips For Starting Your Webcomic (comic)

– “How To Draw Something You’ve Never Drawn Before

– “Four Things To Do If Your Comedy Story Is Getting Less Funny

– “Four Things Writers Can Learn From Videogames

– “Six Things That Are Wrong With Your Horror Story (comic)

– “What Emotions Will Your Story Evoke?

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