Best Of The Blog (4th October 2013 – 26th October 2013)

2013 Artwork Best Of The Blog 26th October 2013

Well, since I’ve written more articles about writing and art than I expected this month, I thought that I’d provide a handy list of links to them (in reverse chronological order).

(Sorry about this filler post, but I can’t seem to think of an idea for an article for today.)

– “Drawing With Coloured Pencils
– “Can You Call Yourself An ‘Artist?‘”
– “Using Reference Photos For Your Drawings (With Examples… And Zombies)
– “Six Benefits Of Being A Self-Taught Artist
– “How The Best Stories Start Life
– “Six Ways To Feel Like A Significant Creative Person
– “Find Your Weirdness And You’ll Find Your Inspiration
– “Five Tips For Writing A Good Zombie Story
– “Four Things Artists Can Learn From Pamela Colman Smith
– “Some Random Thoughts On Self-Censorship And Creative Blocks
– “Using Simple Lines In Your Drawings
– “Five Things That Artists Can Learn From Hokusai
– “Six Tips For Writing Lovecraftian Fiction
– “Five Tips For Writing Rebellious Characters
– “Why Creativity?
– “Six Tips For Finding Your Non-Fiction Narrative Voice

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