“Lost Generation” (edited version) (Poem/Song)

Well, a while earlier, someone mentioned that my generation had been described as a “lost generation” either on the news or in the tabloid press.

Anyway this patronising description (and the fact that, if it was in the tabloid press, then my generation was probably blamed for being “lost”) annoyed me enough to make me write a song about it. Except, for some reason, it reads a lot more like more like a poem than a song.

Since I’ve kind of decided to keep this blog at least vaguely suitable for general audiences, I’ve edited the version of the poem that I’ve posted here (so, hopefully it will be spared if David Cameron actually goes through with his ridiculously illiberal and foolish idea of “filtering” the internet for everyone in the UK), .

The edits will be marked with square brackets and the uncensored version of the poem will be posted on PekoeBlaze Uncut [NSFW] (which will probably fall victim to any meddling with the internet by the Conservative Party). Sorry about this.

Anyway, without any further ado, here’s the poem:

Lost Generation (edited version)

They say “lost generation”
like they’re on a mission
because we aren’t [boot-licking]
cogs in their machine.

They say “lost generation”
without hesitation,
with a little self-satisfaction.
Forgive me if I have no patience
for all this tabloid [confabulation].

They say “lost generation”
as if we care, as if everything was fair,
as if we’re just going to fall into the
plans they’ve prepared.

They say “lost generation”
but hate it when we mention
that, in all fairness,
it was they who lost us.

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