Best Of The Blog (25th November – 31st December 2013)

2013 Artwork Best Of The Blog 31st December Sketch

Well, it’s been about a month since the last “Best Of The Blog” post, so I thought that I’d make compliation of links to all of the articles (excluding reviews, fiction etc…) I’ve posted since the 24th….

– “Stand-Up Horror – A New Genre? (And How To Perform It).
– “Jokes, The Public Domain and Storytelling.
– “Creating Without Thinking.
– “Feeling Uninspired? Make The Projects You’d Never Dare To Make.
– “Why Reading Helps You To Be More Creative.
– “Creativity, Time And Place.
– “My Views On Fan Fiction And Fan Art (And My Fan Art Policy).
– “Fiction And Art – An Anarchic Space?
– “Be A Creative ‘Outlaw’.
– “What To Do On Mediocre Days.
– “Can’t Think Of What To Draw? Start With A Story.
– “Three Reasons To Read About Other Forms Of Creativity.
– “Comics – The Story And Characters Are More Important Than The Art.
– “Want To Write A Novel Or Make A Comic? Start Small.
– “How To Avoid Making Your Sci-Fi Stories Sound Dated In The Future.
– “How Memorable Is Your Story?
– “Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Creative Shadow.
– “Reverse-Engineering Your Favourite Art, Comics, Novels etc…
– ” Being ‘In The Zone’ – Blessing Or Reflection?
– “Losing Enthusiasm For Your Art? Add Some Action To It.
– “Is Predictability A Good Thing In Stories?

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