Best Of The Blog (1st-28th February 2014)

2014 Artwork Best Of The Blog 28th February sketch

Well, it’s the end of another month, so I thought that I’d make another handy list of links to all of the articles about writing, creativity, art etc.. that I’ve written since the last “Best Of The Blog” post.

And, yes, I know that the title is something of a misnomer (since the articles I wrote in the middle of this month weren’t as good as the ones I wrote at the beginning and end of this month). But, still, you might find something interesting.

– “Three Ways To Feel Proud Of Your Work
– “Picking Up A ‘Creative Accent’ And Finding Your Narrative Voice
– “Feeling Uninspired? Find Your Creative Roots
– “Three Reasons Why You Should Use Your Initials When Signing Your Work
– “Four Basic Tips For Writing Cyberpunk Fiction
– “Try Creating Things The Old-Fashioned Way
– “Three Basic Tips For Making Something ‘So Bad That It’s Good’
– “Out Of Ideas? Find A New Twist On An Old Idea
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Bringing A Classic Story Up To Date
– “Is ‘Fanservice’ A Good Or A Bad Thing In Comics?
– “The Best Free Resource For Artists
– ” Failure Can Be A Sign That You’re Improving
– “A Quick Alternative To Masking Fluid For Small Patterns In Watercolour Pencil Paintings
– “You Know You’re An Artist When…
– “Fiction As A Holiday
– “How To Turn Youtube Procrastination Into Artistic Talent (With An Example)
– “My Thoughts On The New BBFC Guidelines
– ” Six Ways To Feel Like A Creative Genius
– ” Three Basic Tips For Writing Convincing Villains
-“Forget The Conventional ‘Success’ Narrative

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