Today’s Art (28th February 2014)

Well, I made one watercolour pencil painting and one ordinary drawing for today. Since I kind of had a serious case of artist’s block, both pictures ended up being fairly random.

As usual, both of these pictures are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Pirates At Sunset" By C. A. Brown

“Pirates At Sunset” By C. A. Brown

I ended up painting/drawing “Pirates At Sunset” after taking a break and playing “Pirate Doom” for a while when I couldn’t think of anything to draw or paint. I’m really proud of how this painting turned out (especially the shadows in it – it almost looks 3D 🙂 ), even if it does look slightly stylised and cheesy.

"1996" By C. A. Brown

“1996” By C. A. Brown

Well, I was originally going to paint a copy of this old Degas painting. But, when I started sketching and inking it, it turned out absolutely terribly. So, I abandoned this idea and, a while later, I ended up drawing “1996” instead.


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