Best Of The Blog (1st March – 31st March 2014)

2014 Artwork best of the blog 31st March

Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for another “Best Of The Blog” post.

So, as usual, here’s a list of links to all the articles (excluding reviews) that I’ve written over the past month.

Anyway, Enjoy 🙂

“Three Emergency Background Ideas For Drawings and Paintings (With Examples)”
“Writing ‘Invincible’ Characters”
“Seven Very Basic Things I’ve Learnt From Using Watercolour Pencils For Three Months”
“One Paradoxical Way To Get Over Artist’s Block”
“Some Very Basic Tips For Writing Dark Comedy”
“How Often Should You Use Profanity In Your Story Or Comic?”
“Comic Characters And Literary Characters”
“Tracing IS Cheating (And Here’s Why)”
“Thinking In Three Dimensions”
“Comics – The Ultimate Artistic Workout (With Four Examples)”
“Five Reasons Why Adaptations Always Change Things”
“Three Reasons Why Novellas Are Amazing”
“Four Very Basic Tips For Using Alternating Chapters”
“Four Evil Tricks To Keep People Reading Your Story”
“Multiple Choice: What Is Your Favourite Type Of Horror Fiction?”
“Don’t Wait For The Muse (A Cynical Pep Talk)”
“One Quick Trick For Quick Art”
“Show, Don’t Tell”
“Why ‘Explorative Storytelling’ Is Such An Awesome Genre”
“Should You Try To Be Controversial?”
“Keep Going – It All Builds Up”
“The ART of Misdirection (And How To Use It)”
“Test Your Creativity – Salvage Something”
“The Artistic Gamble”
“Are You An Editor? Here’s A Cool Way To Think About Your Job”

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