Today’s Art (8th April 2014)

Wow! I’m extremely proud of both of today’s watercolour pencil paintings 🙂 I also experimented with painting from a first-person perspective too.

As usual, these two paintings are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Strange Kingdom" By C. A. Brown

“Strange Kingdom” By C. A. Brown

Originally “Strange Kingdom” was going to be a much gloomier and slightly more gothic painting, but it ended up going in a slightly brighter and more surreal direction fairly quickly.

"First Person Experiment" By C. A. Brown

“First Person Experiment” By C. A. Brown

As the title suggests “First Person Experiment” was an experment with drawing/painting from a first person perspective. Interestingly, this scanned version looks a lot better than the original because I cropped the picture much more than I normally do (since the original had a slightly more “zoomed out” perspective, which made it look more surreal than realistic).

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