Today’s Art (13th April 2014)

Well, since watching this fascinating Youtube video earlier, I decided to experiment with using wooden artist’s mannequins in order to draw/paint a wider more realistic poses and proportions. I’m still experimenting with this at the moment and these are the first two paintings I made using these mannequins.

As usual, both of these paintings are released under a Creative Commmons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Zombie Manor" By C. A. Brown

“Zombie Manor” By C. A. Brown

As you can probably guess, “Zombie Manor” was fairly heavily inspired by classic 1990s horror videogames (I’d initially thought of making a painting of Rebecca Chambers from “Resident Evil”, but I felt like painting an original character instead).

On a technical level, this painting didn’t turn out as well as I hoped it would – for the simple reason that the character’s right arm looks slightly too long.

"Study Corner" By C. A. Brown

“Study Corner” By C. A. Brown

Although “Study Corner” didn’t turn out quite as well as I expected, I’m still fairly proud of it.

One comment on “Today’s Art (13th April 2014)

  1. […] absolutely astonished by how well both of today’s watercolour pencil paintings turned out 🙂 As I said yesterday, I’ve just started using a 12-inch artist’s mannequin to allow me to learn how to draw […]

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