“Aberystwyth Series” – Another New Painting :)

Well, I made another painting for my “Aberystwyth Series” earlier. I guess that I had to paint the famous view from the top of Consitution Hill at least once in this series.

"Aberystwyth - From The Hill" By C. A. Brown

“Aberystwyth – From The Hill” By C. A. Brown

12 comments on ““Aberystwyth Series” – Another New Painting :)

  1. Just had to stop by and look through these.
    I go to the Uni in Aber, it’s such a lovely place to paint!

    • pekoeblaze says:

      Thanks 🙂 It’s been a few years since I was in Aber, but yeah, it’s a brilliant place to paint and draw (not that I really knew how to draw that well when I was in Aber, hence why I’m working from memories and old photos in this series LOL!).

      • I haven’t done much painting of the local landscape while there, but there’s loads of good views to give ideas. I’m more of a still life or figure person myself.
        From memory can be good (: you can draw more on your impression of the place. Might get very windy looking pictures that have a truck load of seagulls though, hah!

      • pekoeblaze says:

        I haven’t really painted that many landscapes either before I started these paintings and most of the landscapes I painted before starting this series were imagined ones rather than realistic ones.

        I don’t know, I personally prefer working from photos than from memory, because it allows me to make the perspective, details etc.. a lot more accurate (although, I usually end up changing a lot of stuff for artistic reasons anyway). But , saying that, painting from memory can be interesting too.

        LOL! I think that there are only about four seagulls in the entire painting series so far.

      • What kind of art do you prefer doing? I do like landscapes, just not my own arty cup of tea. I just can’t get my head around painting the volume of it, all the space. While it may look like a big field of green (or something) there’s loads of stuff in there – but I just end up painting a solid block of colour.

        Yeah me too, I don’t draw much directly from my head. I’ll always be looking up references if I get stuck with anatomy or perspective. My ideas often change depending on whether I can find a reference; sometimes I stumble across better ones and make a new idea.
        It really does just depend on what I’m drawing I suppose.

        Haha, well they’ve snuck in! Can’t escape them. Did you ever see the flock starling gatherings around the pier?

      • pekoeblaze says:

        Ah, I usually like drawing and painting [I usually draw the lineart in ink and then use wateroclour pencils and coloured pencils] random gothic/sci-fi/fantasy etc.. art and occasionally making parodies/simplified copies of old 16th-19th century paintings.

        As for large areas like fields, you can usually just get away with adding small wavy lines, dots, small areas of a darker colour etc.. to give the impression of detail without actually having to add lots of precise detail.

        I don’t know, I actually slightly prefer drawing from my head, because I can be a bit more spontaneous (and it’s always something of an intriguing mystery to me what I’ll end up drawing too LOL!) – although I see what you mean about references.

        I don’t know, I’ve only really been trying to make my art look more realistic since about last summer/autumn and one of the things I’ve recently found that helps a lot with drawing realistic anatomy/proportions etc.. is using one of those wooden mannequin things.

        LOL! Yeah, I think that I’ve probably seen flocks of birds (I’m not sure if they were starlings or not) flying past the pier a couple of times – although I have to admit that I didn’t really pay that much attention to them when I was there.

      • Ah, that’s cool.I never really did much painting before going to Uni, I’ve done a bit of water colour but just not too experienced in it. I’d day I liked digital painting the best.

        Yeah, true. Don’t need to paint every leaf and blade of grass. Areas of highlights and shadows are the most of it. It has got easier after our tutor told us how with distance things are bluer, it’s so obvious but easy to not realize xD it was one of those dawning moments hah.

        Ohh, those little movable ones you get from art shops? I’ve never tried using one, do they work? They’ve always looked to rounded and immovable to me – I guess if it has the right proportions then it’s a good guide.

        Could have been them, there’s thousands of the little things! It’s lovely to watch. I saw some crammed onto a church behind the Old College (seriously, I don’t know how many could fit on a tower that size)
        It was becoming dusk and they came streaming off in a column, it looked like something from a Dracula film with bats flowing out of a big castle lol!

      • pekoeblaze says:

        Ah, I only really got into watercolour pencil painting a few months ago, before then (and when I was in Aber) I mostly just made drawings. Apart from using MS Paint for editing, and occasionally drawing, I’ve never really got into digital painting though. Although from what I’ve seen of it, it can look as realistic as an “ordinary” painting.

        Cool, I didn’t really realise that things got bluer in the distance though (I just thought that they became slightly more faded – I mean, I used this effect on the background image for my blog, but I don’t really tend to use it in most of my drawings/paintings).

        I don’t know, they’re quite good for working out proportions, working out how to draw people from various angles, working out how to draw people in various positions (although the range of movement on the one I use is fairly good, but not amazing) and things like that.

        Cool 🙂 That sounds wonderfully gothic 🙂

      • Sorry, took me ages to reply back!

        How did MS paint editing work out? I use it occasionally for little things – only because it takes too long to load Photoshop sometimes haha. I just sorta stumbled into digital painting, I’d always liked the look of it and though, hey, lets give it a go. Took a long time to get the hang of and im sure I still don’t know half of what Photoshop can really do.

        Yeah, its just one of those things you don’t quite realise/think about, but its really important to know when painting/drawing. Just learning about how people ‘see’ colours and what effect they have can really change how you paint.

        I’ve always meant to get a mini-mannequin, I think I had one when I was younger but I never drew realistic figures back then. I’ll look into getting one at some point.

        Yeah it was amazing, there were so many of the little guy’s crammed onto the steeple – whenever one landed another got shoved off xD

      • pekoeblaze says:

        No probs 🙂

        Yeah, MS Paint a lot better for smaller edits/corrections than it is for actual digital painting. Although I generally tend to do most of my editing (mostly just cropping images, changing the brightness/contrast levels etc..) in an absolutely ancient version of Paint Shop Pro.

        I don’t know, I slightly prefer painting with watercolour pencils rather than either traditional painting or digital painting.

        But, yeah, digitally-painted art has a fairly distinctive “look” to it and some digitally-painted art is really cool, although I personally prefer the look of traditionally painted art.

        Cool, I actually bought my artist’s mannequin when I was a lot younger – but I’ve only really rediscovered it and have the skills to really use it properly fairly recently.


      • I have seen some pretty decent stuff created using paint, people seem to do it just because it makes it more difficult. Guess some like the challenge hah. Ah, I’ve never used that – I think it’s quite a bit like photoshop no? Pretty sure I’ve seen some speed painting streams where people use it. For those kinds of edits I use Picasa 3, just the usual Hue/Brightness/Filters programme.

        I’ve never really used watercolour pencils – mainly because I don’t own any xD once or twice though. They do look like they make it so much simpler than normal watercolour, I’ve always meant to give them a go.
        I get what you mean, something more aesthetically pleasing about a physical painting, its quite strange to describe.

        I do envy all the art stuff I was bought as a kid, and only now realise I probably shouldn’t have just scribbled on it. Think I drew a face on my old mannequin -_- I still have my pack of good colouring pencils, they survived all the dropping on the floor and losing them for weeks.

      • pekoeblaze says:

        Yeah, I can see how some people could probably create masterpieces in MS Paint – although, yeah, it sounds ridiculously difficult. I’ve never actually used Photoshop, so I don’t really know how similar my ancient version of Paint Shop Pro is to it.

        The other image editing program I sometimes use (and have rediscovered recently – there will probably be an article about it sometime later this month) is an open-source program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). This looks like it can do a lot of stuff, certainly more than Paint Shop Pro can do (although it has a much longer loading time than my old version of PSP does).

        I haven’t really heard of Picasa before though.

        Definitely. I’d probably be terrible at painting if I had to paint traditionally, but one of the great things about watercolour pencils is that I can still use all of the skills I’ve learnt from ordinary drawing and using coloured pencils – and I end up with an actual painting afterwards too LOL!

        Definitely, I didn’t really realise that sheer usefulness of quite a few types of art supplies until relatively recently.

        LOL! I don’t think I ever actually drew a face on any of my mannequins though – they just kind of gathered dust in the back of a cupboard for a few years and then they gathered more dust in the corner of another room until I rediscovered them fairly recently.

        Cool 🙂 Which kinds of coloured pencils are they?

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