Today’s Art (27th April 2014)

Well, at the moment, I’m going back through some of my old art and making new watercolour versions of some of my favourite old drawings.

I’m not sure how long I’ll do this for, but there are a couple of my old drawings I’m interested in repainting – so it may be a couple of days until I make something completely new ( and, yes, I’m feeling slightly uninspired at the moment too).

Anyway, for today I’ve produced a new version of one of my favourite drawings from 2012 called “Veranda Dance“. As usual, I’ll include the old version for comparison too.

As usual, these two pictures are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Veranda Dance (II)"  By C. A. Brown

“Veranda Dance (II)” By C. A. Brown

I’m seriously proud of how “Veranda Dance (II)” turned out 🙂 Not to mention that it looks about three times more realistic than the original drawing too.

However, the dancer’s left arm is slightly badly-drawn though. Plus, I had to digitally darken the sky quite significantly after I scanned this picture (and made my usual adjustments to the brightness/contrast levels).

"Veranda Dance" By C. A. Brown [3rd October 2012]

“Veranda Dance” By C. A. Brown [3rd October 2012]

Well, this is the original “Veranda Dance” from 2012 and here’s the original description I wrote when I uploaded it to DeviantART back then:

“This drawing was kind of interesting, originally I was going to do a classical style dancer – kind of like the old Rider-Waite-Smith “The World” tarot card .

But when I tried drawing a character in a dancing pose, it kind of looked like she was leaning against a wall – so I decided to go in this direction instead. Plus, originally, the setting of this drawing was going to be a lot brighter and very much set in Ancient Greece. But, when I’d drawn most of this, it looked way too bright and kind of boring, so I decided to make it a lot gloomier and add rain etc… Which really seemed to improve this drawing and make it more atmospheric etc…

All in all, I quite like how this drawing turned out although I had to do slightly more post-production than I expected after I’d scanned it.”

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