Today’s Art (28th April 2014)

Well, I still felt like painting a new version of one of my old drawings from 2012 today (I think I might make a couple more of these new versions of old pictures, since they’re pretty fun to make and I’m also feeling a bit uninspired at the moment too). As usual, I’ll provide the old version of this picture for comparison.

And, as usual, both of these pictures are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Midnight Flood (II)" By C. A. Brown

“Midnight Flood (II)” By C. A. Brown

Although “Midnight Flood (II)” turned out fairly ok, it didn’t really end up being as impressive as I hoped it would be (and nowhere near as gloomy as the original drawing was).

Not only that, I had to do a fair amount of digital editing to this picture after I scanned it too.

"Midnight Flood" By C. A. Brown [1st October 2012]

“Midnight Flood” By C. A. Brown [1st October 2012]

Well, this is the original “Midnight Flood” and here’s the original description from it’s DeviantART page, which explains how I came up with the idea for this drawing:

“Wow, I’m seriously proud of this drawing πŸ™‚ However, the story behind how it came into being is longer and stranger than usual…..

Originally, this was going to be an “Ashes to Ashes”-style 1980s office drawing, and then a drawing of the same character hiking through a forest but I abandoned these idea pretty soon after I started sketching them.

Then I decided to do a rather ordinary drawing of a woman sitting on the edge of a wall [presumably overlooking a forest and/or a rural mediterrenean town], but after I’d started drawing this – it looked kind of ordinary and dull, so I decided to make everything look a lot more gothic. My plan then was to have the character sitting on the edge of a tall castle looking down at some rather gothic scenery.

But this just somehow didn’t fit with the drawing and, for some wierd reason, I thought that it also looked like she was in danger of falling of the edge of the castle. By now, I had already drawn some of the towers in the background – so I thought it’d be a lot more interesting and less gloomy to make the tower the only dry land in a flooded city.

Originally ,this was going to be drawn in a totally “serious” and “dramatic” fashion. But like with the random thought about the character falling off of the wall, I suddenly spontaneously thought that the flooded city looked like a giant bathtub [I don’t know, my imagination went in all sorts of strange directions with this drawing. It also explains the random rubber duck too LOL!!!] and then the drawing went in a much more surreal and fantasy/fairytale-like direction.”

2 comments on “Today’s Art (28th April 2014)

  1. I really really love this whimsical version better than if it would be serious and dramatic

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