Best Of The Blog (1st April – 30th April 2014)

2014 Artwork Best Of The Blog 30th April Sketch

Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for another “Best Of The Blog” article 🙂

As usual, this is a compilation of links to all of the articles about art and/or writing I’ve made over the past month (excluding things like reviews etc…).

Interestingly, this month’s articles ended up being a lot more art-based than writing-based. I’m not sure if this trend is going to continue, but since I’m focusing a lot more on making art than writing fiction these days, it may well do.

Anyway, enjoy 🙂

– “Five Ways To Build Your Artistic Confidence
– “Five Ways To Explore Your Own Imagination
– “Drawing Or Painting Portraits From Life – Four Very Basic Tips
– “How Autobiographical Should Your Art Be?
– “A Slow Pace Only Works If You Have An Excellent Story To Tell
– “It’s Ok Not To Be Avant-Garde
– “The ‘Uncharted Territory’ Of Your Art Style
– “Ten Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For A Year -Part Two
– “Ten Things I’ve Learnt From Running A Blog For A Year -Part One
– “Four Very Basic Tips For Painting Landscapes From Photos (With An Example)
– “Follow Your Strangeness And You’ll Find Originality
– “Four Tips For Clothing Designs In Comics (With Examples)
– “Your Own Artistic Traditions (And Some Ideas If You Don’t Have Any)
– “Finding And Upgrading Your Own Artistic ‘Templates’
– “Five Things That Sci-Fi Writers Can Learn From ‘Star Trek’
– “Creative ‘Triage’ For Multiple Projects
– “One Surprising Reason Why You Should Look At Other Types Of Art
– “The Illusion Of Detail
– “A Futuristic Way To Kepp Your Fans Interested In Your Stories And Comics
– “Four Sizzling Tips For Writing Spontaneous Stories
– “Writing Something Retro? Don’t Forget The Zeitgeist
– “Should You Learn How To Draw Realistic Art?
– “How To Write A Genuinely Scary Monster Story
– “Another Way To Know Why You’ve Found Your Own Art Style
– “Four Secret Reasons Why It’s A Good Idea To Learn How To Copy Old Paintings
– “Your Unique Genre
– “How To Tell The Same Story Over And Over Again (And Still Keep People Interested)
“Nude Painting – Four Basic Tips [April Fools’ Day Article]

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