Today’s Art (30th April 2014)

Well, I’m still making new watercolour versions of some of my best old drawings. I’m still not entirely certain how long I’ll be doing this for, but hopefully I’ll come up with some completely new ideas soon.

Like with the past few repaintings, I’ll include both the old and the new versions of this picture for comparison.

As usual, both versions of this picture are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Breach (II)" By C. A. Brown

“Breach (II)” By C. A. Brown

Breach (II)” is a new version of one of my favourite steampunk drawings from 2012. Although I prefer this new version to the old one – the actual painting itself looks better than this digital version (even after a fair amount of editing).

"Breach" By C. A. Brown [19th November 2012]

“Breach” By C. A. Brown [19th November 2012]

Well, I drew “Breach” on one of my most creative days in 2012 and I’m still quite proud of it. Anyway, here’s the original description of it I wrote in 2012 on DeviantART (complete with the original spelling mistake too):

“I’m really proud of this drawing too (I don’t know, I seem to be in an amazingly creative mood tonight) 🙂 But, yeah, I was in kind of a Steampunk mood a while earler and I decided to draw this – originally, it was going to be brighter and more fantastical, but as soon as the idea of pirates in airships appeared in my mind, I knew that I had to draw this instead.”

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