Editorial Cartoon: “Oh, The Irony!”

[Click For Larger Image] "Oh The Irony" By C. A. Brown

[Click For Larger Image] “Oh The Irony” By C. A. Brown

Well, although I try to keep politics out of this blog most of the time, I was watching some coverage of the EU parliament election results earlier and – shockingly – UKIP seem to be winning in the UK. So, I decided to make a quick political cartoon about this bizarre situation.

Yes, I know many people chose UKIP purely as a protest vote (and it’s quite telling that they don’t actually have any MPs in the British parliament). But, doesn’t anyone find it in the least bit hypocritical ironic that UKIP only ever seem to succeed in getting seats in the very same European parliament that they want to remove Britain from. Call me naieve, but that sounds a lot like a conflict of interests to me….

[And, yes, I’m also more than a little bit annoyed that my favourite colour combination (purple and gold) has been taken by UKIP for their party colours. Dammit, couldn’t they just have chosen dark blue or something like that instead? ]

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