Best Of The Blog (1st May – 30th May)

2014 Artwork best of the blog 31st May

Well, it’s the end of the month, so it’s time for another “Best Of The Blog” article. This is a collection of links to all of the articles (excluding reviews and art posts) that have been posted here over the past month.

I don’t know, this month probably hasn’t been the best month in terms of articles (and I’ve had writer’s block more than once, so there are at least a few filler articles here), but there are still at least a few articles from this month that I’m quite proud of.

Anyway, enjoy 🙂

“The Best Characters Just Kind Of ‘Appear’ “
“Copyright- Free Clipart (Or My Failed Attempt At Making It)”
– “Five Ways of making Your Story Or Comic More Welcoming To Readers”
“The Joy Of… Anachronisms”
“The Joy Of… Having A Creative Attention Span”
“So, ‘Difficult’ Fiction Is Dying? Good Riddance”
“Fiction As A ‘Second World'”
“Writing Subjective Poetry (And An Example Of It)”
“One Cool Thing About Making Parody Art”
“Four Basic Tips For Writing Realistic – Sounding News Articles In Comics And Stories”
“Trying To Learn Image Editing By Messing Around”
” How To Handle Disturbing Themes/Subjects In Your Story”
“Four Ways To Add Value To Your Art and Fiction”
“Four Very Basic Techniques For Drawing Cartoon Hands”
“Liebster Award Post”
“An Uncanny Way To Know When Your Art Might Be Up To A Professional Standard”
“Why You Should Keep Two Sketchbooks (And Never-Seen-Before Pages From My Sketchbooks)”
“An Innovative Way To Think About Your Art Style”
“Four Ways To Make Your Story Shorter”
“Change Your Art Supplies, Change Your Perspective”
“Creating Unreliable Worlds”
“Three Reasons You Should Work In More Than One Creative Medium”
“Six Swift Ways To Become An Artist (If You’re Not An Artist)”
“Can You Use The Pareto Principle For Creating Art And Stories?”
“Take Another Look At Your Old Art”

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