Best Of The Blog (1st – 31st July 2014)

2014 Artwork Best of The Blog 31st July Sketch

In case anyone is new to this blog, “Best Of The Blog” is a monthly feature where I provide a list of links to all of the articles about art, writing etc.. that I’ve posted here over the past month (excluding reviews and daily art posts).

All in all, this has been a pretty good month and I’m quite proud of most of the articles here 🙂 Another thing that you may have noticed this month is that all of my articles now feature full colour sketches at the beginning, rather than the old B&W sketches.

Whilst I initally switched over to colour sketches in order to conserve my limited supplies of black pencils, it adds a bit more personality to each article and I think that I’ll probably keep using it in subsequent articles.

Anyway, here are this month’s articles. Enjoy 🙂

“Literary Taste: How To Find It In The 21st Century (After Bennett)”
“Animation Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult”
“Learn More About Your Art Style By Drawing Celebrity Caricatures (With Examples)”
“Four Cool Things You Can Do In Your Epilogue”
“The Joy Of… Gloomy Art”
“Three Tips For Making Art Or Writing Fiction In A Genre You Hate”
“One Old Trick From The 1990s For Improving Your E-Book Preview”
“It’s Not Enough To Invent Something New”
“Three Sneaky Ways To Spread Out The Good Stuff In Your Story”
“How To Draw An Animal, Any Animal”
“One Thing That Sci-Fi Writers Can Easily Get Wrong”
“A Strange Way To Tap Into Your Artistic Subconscious”
“Why Don’t More Writers Use This Awesome Story Structure?”
“The Joy Of… Distractions”
“Limitations Can Spark The Imagination”
“Three Things To Do When You Can’t Produce Good Art”
“Four Basic Tips For Writing Villainous Protagonists”
“Can’t Think Of A Story Idea? Find Your Values”
“Three Small Ways To Make Your Fans Geek Out About Your Story Or Comic More”
“Three Less Obvious Reasons To Add Easter Eggs To Your Next Project”
“Four Very Basic Tips For Writing A Blurb”
“The Dream Of Greatness – Or, Why Sci-Fi And Fantasy Are So Popular”
“The ‘Artistic Hunt’ – Hugh Brody’s Brilliant Idea”
“Six Ways To Salvage A Ruined Painting Or Drawing”
“Creativity, Art Forms And Simplification”
“Are Heavy Creative Influences A Good Or Bad Thing?”
“The Shape Of A Painting”

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