Editorial Cartoon – “Didn’t Tipper Gore Try This In The 80s?”

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Didn't Tipper Gore Try This In The 80s?" By C. A. Brown

“Didn’t Tipper Gore Try This In The 80s?” By C. A. Brown

Well, I was just casually looking through the news when I happened to stumble across this hilarious and disturbing article . Apparently, David Cameron wants to introduce BBFC-style age ratings on Youtube music videos viewed in the UK.

Part of his laughably absurd rationale for this is, and I quote: “ So if you want to go and buy a music video offline there are age restrictions on it. We should try and recreate that system on the internet.” Yes, he actually thinks that people buy music videos on Youtube. Who said that the Tories were a bunch of out-of-touch fuddy duddies?

Yes, I’m not a teenager any more – and, no, this state censorship of Youtube probably won’t affect me in the slightest. But, well, I was a teenager a few years ago and my experiences with having to find all sorts of ways to get around the BBFC’s ludicrous mandatory age restrictions on movies/DVDs/videos have made me a lifelong opponent of media censorship of any kind…

[Edit: I’ve just corrected a badly-drawn hand in the original version of this picture. I don’t know, I drew this cartoon in haste as soon as I read about this new story, so this would probably explain the mistake. And, yes, I really can’t draw David Cameron very well either]

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