Best of The Blog (1st August – 30th August 2014)

2014 Artwork Best of the blog 31st August

Well, it’s the end of the month and this means that it’s time for another “Best of The Blog” post. I should also point out that, for various reasons, this monthly feature will probably be changing into a “top ten” list from September onwards – but I’ll probably explain more at the end of next month.

For people who are new to this blog, these posts are a collection of links to all of the articles about art, comics and writing (excluding reviews and daily art posts) that I’ve posted here over the past month.

All in all, this month has gone pretty well – although I seem to have drifted towards writing more art-based/ general creativity-based articles than writing-based articles.

This might be because I’m making lots of art and writing pretty much no fiction whatsoever these days, but I don’t know how long this will last because although I have more recent art experience, I have more intellectual knowledge about writing fiction (and storytelling in general).

Anyway, here are this month’s articles:

– “Four More Tips For Writing And Drawing Filler
– “Don’t Be Afraid Of Producing Random Art
– “My Thoughts About ‘Appropriation Art’
– “Five Tips For Telling Ageless Stories
– “Building A Body Of Work
– “A Freaky Way To Measure Your Level Of Artistic Knowledge
– “Don’t Forget Your Very Early Creative Infleunces
– “Four Ways To Feel Like A Glamourous Artist
– “This Is Why You Can’t Predict Your Audience
– “Remember – You Are Building Daydreams
– “Finding Your Creative Niche
– “Need To Feel Inspired? Write An Awesome List
– “What Are The Most Important Skills An Artist Can Learn?
– “Five Fast Formats For Fast Art
– “Are Complete Stories And Comics Overrated?
– “Intensity And Creativity
– “Seven Useless Sources Of Artistic Inspiration (Comic)
– “Should An Artist Be Consistent In Their Work?
– “Should You Make Digital Or Traditional Art?
– “In Order To Make Great Art, You Have To…
– “Music And Artistic Inspiration
– “How To Draw Interesting Hairstyles
– “Making Political/Editorial Cartoons
– “Why Learning Comic Composition Is Like Accidentally Learning German
– “Why I love Dystopic Science Fiction
– “Find The Main Characters That Work For You
– “Should Writers Try To Pass The Bechdel Test?
– “Interview: Kate Robinson – Author Of ‘Heart of Desire 11.11.11 Redux’

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