Five Cool Little Things About Being An Artist

2014 Artwork cool things artist sketch

Well, since I can’t think of any good advice to give today, I thought that I’d come up with a list of cool little “everyday” things about being an artist – either to give you some ideas or to help you feel inspired if you’ve been listening to people who tell you that being an artist isn’t a worthwhile path through life.

1)You can make your e-mails more interesting: If you produce art fairly regularly and you’ve got a digital camera or a scanner, then you can make your daily e-mails a lot more memorable and/or interesting by including some of your art when it’s appropriate to do so.

This works best if the e-mail program and/or website that you use allows you to insert images directly into the e-mail, since people are probably slightly less likely to look at your stuff if they have to click on an attachment in order to do so.

Plus, if you attach your work to an e-mail and forget to mention it, then they might not even notice that there’s an attachment. So, if you can insert images into your e-mails directly (and the file size isn’t too large) – then do this.

2) You can impress people when you’re bored: Generally speaking, quite a few people instinctively doodle on notebooks, post-it notes, newspapers, leaflets etc… when they have to pay attention to something, since doodling improves both our attention and our memories of things.

But, if you’ve been making art for a while and you’ve done enough practice that drawing feels almost instinctive to you, then your doodles are going to be a lot more impressive than the random shapes and squiggles that most people tend to draw when they’re doodling.

What this means is that if someone looks over your shoulder or if someone notices that you’re doodling, then they’re less likely to be annoyed by it. Hell, they might even be impressed by it.

3) Personalised Gifts: If you can make art reasonably well, you can make gifts for people. Not only will this mean that you won’t have to rush around to buy last-minute birthday or Christmas presents and/or cards for people, it also means that the people you’re giving art to will have a completely unique and/or personalised gift too.

A piece of art is the kind of gift that is very memorable and can be displayed and enjoyed for years.

Not only that, if you’re the kind of starving artist that most of us probably are, it’s also a fairly inexpensive way of making high-quality gifts for people too. The only real expenses are your time, any art supplies that you use and possibly a frame of some kind.

4) Free website graphics: If you’re not an artist, then finding graphics for your website can be expensive and/or time-consuming.

You can either just use random things you find online (and risk copyright problems), you can spend hours searching for the right Creative Commons-licenced picture, you can commission some graphics from an artist or you can splash out and buy royalty-free stock images.

Of course, if you can actually create art yourself (and you have some way to get it onto your computer), then you really don’t have to worry about any of this…..

5) You see things slightly differently: I’d never really thought about this too much until I read an absolutely excellent book last year called “Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain” by Betty Edwards, but artists have a different way of looking at the world – we tend to notice things like shapes, composition, lighting etc.. a lot more than most people do.

What this generally means is that, if you ever see a beautiful view, an interesting building or anything like that, your first thought will probably be “how do I paint this?” and you’ll automatically start drawing on your artistic knowledge and analysing what you’re seeing in a way that most people don’t do. I don’t know why, but this is really cool and it reminds me a lot of the “deduction” scenes in the BBC’s “Sherlock” series.

Yes, no-one else will know that you’re thinking in this way. But it can be a very good way of impressing yourself though.


Anyway, I hope that this was interesting šŸ™‚

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