Top Ten Articles – September 2014

2014 Artwork Top Ten Articles September

As I mentioned briefly last month, I’ve decided to replace my monthly “Best Of The Blog” posts with a list of links to my personal top ten articles from the previous month (and possibly few honourable mentions too).

I’ve decided to switch to this format for a number of reasons, but the main one is because I tend to write my articles fairly far in advance and, in July, I discovered WordPress has a limit on the number of posts you can schedule in advance. So, taking a whole month’s worth of articles out of my “drafts” folder and getting fucntional links for all of them would be unfeasably time-consuming.

All in all, this probably hasn’t been my best month in terms of articles – mostly due to the hot weather at the time I was writing them and because of other random stresses too. But, saying that, there have been some reasonably good articles this month.

Anyway, enjoy 🙂

Top Ten Articles For September 2014:

– “How To Add Personality To Your Art
– “Three More Ways To Be Creative Before The Apocalypse
– “Five Cool Little Things About Being An Artist
– “Three Things To Do When You Don’t Have Any Stories To Tell
– “Writing Dystopic Comedy
– “Three Things To Do After You’ve Drawn A Terrible Picture
– “Storytelling As ‘Revenge’
– “Three Ways To Recycle Something You’ve Already Posted Online
– “Should You Write Long Or Short Non-Fiction Articles?
– “How To Write Rhyming Poetry

Honourable Mentions:

– “Art And Gender Expression
– “Three Open- Source Drawings Styles For Beginners
– “Art, Writing And Rebellion

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