Cynicism And Artistic Inspiration

From hell's heart, I ...draw.. at thee!

From hell’s heart, I …draw.. at thee!

Yet again, I wasn’t feeling very artistically inspired a few weeks ago. Making art seemed like a hollow and meaningless activity that I didn’t really quite feel much of an emotional connection to. Of course, being an artist, this wasn’t exactly a great thing…..

Then I happened to watch the news and hear about this mildly dystopic proposal by a miserable group of MPs who don’t like the fact that many adults in Britain like to drink (as we have done for centuries).

Suddenly, I wasn’t uninspired any more – within about two hours, I’d made two very cynical political cartoons about this whole sorry situation. And, no, I won’t post either cartoon here – they’re probably a bit too cynical for this blog.

So, why have I mentioned all of this? Why is it relevant to you?

As much as art can show us the beauty of the world or show us stylised scenes that are too good to be true, never discount the fact that art is also one of the best ways to express your cynicism about the world too.

And, if you’re feeling deeply bitter and cynical about a lot of things, then this can easily sap your enthusiasm for creating things. As I said earlier, creating uplifting art can feel meaningless, hollow and pointless if you’re in the middle of a dystopic situation of some kind.

But, as soon as you find a way to channel your bitterness and anger onto the page – then you’ll suddenly remember why you became an artist in the first place.

Never discount the fact that making art can be a way for essentially powerless “ordinary” people like us to get a kind of symbolic satirical “revenge” on those in authority who seek to make our lives worse for their own personal enjoyment “for our own good”. I mean, why do you think that most newspapers run editorial cartoons on a daily basis?

Art can be a way for us to express our grievances with politicians, with the media and with life in general far more effectively and understandably than we ever could in writing or in speech. Don’t ask me why, but putting your cynicism and disdain into pictures is somehow a much more distilled way of expressing it.

Seriously, I dread to think how miserable life must be for non-artists. Although it would explain the trillions of angry troll comments that people post on the internet. Those people don’t have the luxury of “trolling” in the sophisticated and creative way that we do. So, be glad that you are an artist πŸ™‚

Yes, making cynical art is only a symbolic way of raising a middle finger to everything and everyone you don’t like but it’s much more satisfying than actually raising your middle finger would be.

Plus, it lasts longer too. Seriously, making a satirical and cynical picture that will last for years is much better than making a hand gesture for a few seconds.

So, the next time that the world gets you down and ruins your creativity, just pick up your sketchbook, listen to some good punk music and get your symbolic revenge…


Anyway, I hope that this was useful πŸ™‚

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