Today’s Art (29th December 2014)

Well, today’s painting is the final one in my “Dorset landscapes” series (based on some photos that my parents took for me when they visited Dorset a couple of months ago).

Unfortunately, this painting didn’t really turn out that well though (seriously, making paintings set during the day still feels really wierd).

I’m not sure what tomorrow’s painting will be (eg: whether it’ll be a stand-alone painting or whather I’ll start another short series). But, as a blog exclusive, I’ll also provide the lineart for today’s painting here too.

As usual, the two images in this blog post are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Dorset - Wilds" By C. A. Brown

“Dorset – Wilds” By C. A. Brown

And here’s the lineart:

"Dorset - Wilds (Lineart)" By C. A. Brown

“Dorset – Wilds (Lineart)” By C. A. Brown

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