Top Ten Articles – March 2015

2015 Artwork Top Ten Articles March

Well, it’s the end of the month and that means that it’s time for me to give you a list of links to my ten favourite articles that I’ve written this month (plus a few honourable mentions too).

All in all, March has been a surprisingly good month for this blog and I’ve managed to write far better articles than I did last month (and very slightly fewer filler posts too!). Let’s hope that things keep going so well in April 🙂

Anyway, without any further ado and in no particular order, here are my top ten articles for March 2015. Enjoy 🙂

Top Ten Articles For March 2015:

– “Four Basic Tips For Making Daily Comics
– “Four Ways To Make ‘Good’ Characters Interesting
– “Five Fun Gimmicks To Spice Up Your Next Comic, Webcomic Entry And/Or Art Series
– “What Is YOUR Version Of Your Favourite Genre?
– “The Joy Of… Horror Comics
– “More Thoughts On How Your Art Style Evolves
– “Two Simple Questions That Will Tell You How Much You Know About Making Art
– “Four Things To Do If Your Comic Is Dying
– “Making Art More Efficiently
– “Monsters Don’t Make Monster Stories Scary… Everything Else Does

Honourable Mentions:

– “How To Make Your Readers Feel Like They Belong
– “How To Make Your Audience Suspend Their Disbelief
– “There Are No Jump Scares In Horror Novels – A Ramble
– “What Is ‘Artistic Licence’ ? (And How To Use It)

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