Four Lazy Ways To Be Creative On Lazy Days

2015 Artwork Lazy days creativity article sketch

Let’s face it, all writers and artists have lazy days. You know, the kind of drearily unenthusiastic days where the idea of actually creating something just seems like a pointlessly Herculean task.

These are the kinds of days when wasting an hour or two reading random articles on addictive websites like Cracked and TV Tropes actually seems like a good idea.

So, how do you get creative when you’re faced with one of these days? Here are a few things that have worked for me recently, although I should point out that the first two tips in this article are aimed at people who already have a couple of years’ writing and/or art experience.

1) Follow The Path Of Least Resistance: On the unenthusiastic day that I wrote this article, I also made one of my daily paintings.

The problem was that I wasn’t really feeling very artistically inspired either. Since I’d been feeling artistically uninspired for the past few days before this (and had produced some fairly mediocre/minimalist art), I thought that I should make something I could impress myself and others with.

The only problem with this is that it required, well, effort. The idea of thinking up a cool enough idea for a painting just seemed way too difficult. So, eventually, I just took the path of least resistance and painted a still life painting:

"Bathroom Plants" By C. A. Brown

“Bathroom Plants” By C. A. Brown

Although this might look difficult if you’re an inexperienced artist, it’s relatively easy once you’ve had a bit of practice. Essentially, you’re just copying real life. You don’t have to think of any new ideas, you just draw or paint what’s in front of you. And it can look really cool too.

So, if you’re having a lazy day, then try following the path of least resistance creatively. If this means writing fan fiction, then write fan fiction. If this means drawing cartoons, then draw cartoons. I’m sure you get the idea.

2) Listen to Bad Religion and/or Cradle Of Filth: If you’re a writer, then one thing that can help on unenthusiastic days is to listen to a punk band called “Bad Religion“.

No, this isn’t just one of my personal musical preferences – the reason why listening to some of their music is useful is because they’re famous for using a very impressive vocabulary.

In other words, their songs are filled with impressively long words and cleverly-constructed sentences. And they still manage to make this sound incredibly cool. If you don’t believe me, then just listen to this song about pollution that they wrote in 1990 (seriously, it starts with the word “Irreducible” – which is pretty much unheard of in punk music).

Anyway, listening to enough Bad Religion can put you in the mood for showing off linguistically. And, whilst this can lead to bad writing, it will at least put you in the mood for actually writing again.

Likewise, if you’re a poet – then it might be worth listening to a metal band called “Cradle Of Filth”. In fact, I’ve already written an article about this and it can be read here.

3) Play some computer games: Unlike watching TV shows or reading random internet articles (like this one), playing computer games can be a sneaky way to get creatively motivated again.

Why? For the simple reason that interactive games actually require you to be actively involved in playing (rather than just sitting back and looking at something). And, if a game is challenging enough, then it’ll also make you think a lot more.

Not only that, playing very slightly repetitive computer games that you’re fairly good at can sometimes kind of put you in an almost meditative state that is absolutely perfect for daydreaming and thinking of creative ideas.

4) Meh: Meh, I can’t be bothered to think of a fourth point for this list. I mean, what do you think inspired this article in the first place?


Anyway, I hope that this was useful 🙂


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