Mini Review: “Mori Christmas” (WAD For “Doom II”/ “Final Doom”/ “GZ Doom” )

2015 Artwork Mori Christmas review sketch

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of summer – seriously, it’s my least favourite season. But, instead of moaning about the hot weather – I thought that I’d do something more positive and play a wonderfully wintery Christmas-themed WAD for “Doom II” called “Mori Christmas“.

I should probably point out that I played this WAD using the “GZ Doom” source port, although it will almost certainly work with most other modern source ports too.

Anyway, let’s take a look at “Mori Christmas”:


“Mori Christmas” is a single-level WAD by Zoltan ‘Katamori’ Schmidt and, as you may have guessed already, the WAD has something of a Christmas theme to it. But, despite it’s deceptively easy beginning, this isn’t a silly novelty WAD that you’ll finish in just ten minutes.

But, before I get on to the level design and gameplay, let’s talk about the novelty parts of this WAD first – because they’re pretty cool.

One of the first things you will notice when you play “Mori Christmas” is that some (but not all) of the monsters look a little bit more festive than usual. Seriously, this is really cool and it adds a lot of fun to the WAD:

Season's greetings! From HELL!!!

Season’s greetings! From HELL!!!

Oooh, where can I buy one of these adorable cacobaubles?

Oooh, where can I buy one of these adorable cacobaubles?

Apart from some snowy textures (and, in one part of the level, actual falling snow), modified items and wonderfully nostalgic pixel art Christmas decorations – the only other major graphical changes in this WAD are the fact that the rockets have a candy cane design and the plasma cannon now fires snowballs.

Yes, you heard me correctly – snowballs :)

 *Sigh* I wish that I'd had one of THESE when I was a kid.

*Sigh* I wish that I’d had one of THESE when I was a kid.

In terms of music, the background music in “Mori Christmas” is a MIDI rendition of “Frosty The Snowman”. Don’t ask me how, but this somehow never quite gets annoying – even after you’ve been listening to it for an hour. Plus, of course, it compliments the level really well too.

As for the level design, this WAD was a lot better than I had expected. The level itself is fairly large and, whilst it requires some exploration, you’ll never really get lost whilst playing it. Plus, there are a few really cool locations in this WAD too:

Yay! Winter :)

Yay! Winter 🙂

As for the gameplay, “Mori Christmas” is refreshingly challenging. Yes, if you’re an experienced “Doom” player, you’ll blaze through it in about an hour or so – but you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

In other words, it’s a well-designed “Doom” level for people who are still playing “Doom” in 2015. And, as I said earlier, I’m kind of glad that this WAD wasn’t just a short, easy novelty WAD.

Likewise, whilst “Mori Christmas” isn’t a slaughtermap WAD, it contains a couple of slaughtermap-like segments which also add some variety to the gameplay. Personally, I absolutely love slaughtermaps, but even if you don’t – then they only make up a small part of this WAD:

Let's face it, a modern "Doom" WAD wouldn't be a "Doom" WAD without one of THESE segments...

Let’s face it, a modern “Doom” WAD wouldn’t be a “Doom” WAD without one of THESE segments…

All in all, “Mori Christmas” is a fun festive WAD that is worth playing if – like me – you absolutely hate summer. But, as well as being a novelty WAD, it’s also a very well-designed “Doom” level that experienced players will enjoy 🙂

If I had to give it a rating out of five, it would get four and a half.

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