Today’s Art (31st August 2015)

As you may have noticed, today’s painting is slightly more bizarre (and creepy) than usual, this is because it’s based on part of a dream I had the night before I painted it.

It’d take too long to write down an account of the entire dream here – but it was certainly a strange one. All of the parts of it (including the one depicted here) that I expected to be creepy turned out to be not that frightening.

For example, the ominous void in the background (which I was led to by a group of masked villagers) was located in a building with “Don’t Enter The Void” scrawled on the door in blood [or red paint, it was hard to tell]. But, when I entered the void it actually just led to a rather posh corridor with some beautiful trees in it.

As usual, this painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Don't Enter The Void (A Dream)" By C. A. Brown

“Don’t Enter The Void (A Dream)” By C. A. Brown

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