Today’s Art (5th September 2015)

Well, when I was taking the bins out shortly before making this program, I happened to notice an absolutely beautiful sunset, so I just had to paint it as soon as I went back inside.

This scene was surprisingly difficult to paint and I ended up using about five times as many digital effects as usual after I scanned it (I also tried out the “add canvas” effect in GIMP out of curiosity too, I really like how it turned out), in order to salvage the picture.

However, I’ll also provide the “work in progress” lineart for this picture too. As you can probably see, the original painting was actually slightly larger (and longer) than the final version. But I ended up digitally cropping it for compositional reasons.

As usual, both pictures in this post are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"View Over The Gate" By C. A. Brown

“View Over The Gate” By C. A. Brown

And here’s the “work in progress” lineart:

"View Over The Gate (Lineart)" By C. A. Brown

“View Over The Gate (Lineart)” By C. A. Brown

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