Today’s Art (29th September 2015)

Wow! I was finally feeling inspired again! Thanks to listening to this amazing piece of wild west-themed music and drinking a small glass of champagne (Don’t ask me why, but when I drank a pint of beer with dinner the day before, it took me nearly two hours to make a mediocre painting afterwards – due to alcohol-induced sluggishness of body and mind. But, one tiny glass of champagne with dinner before this drawing and suddenly I can draw great things quickly and enthusiastically ).

As for the title of this drawing, it was originally going to be humourous, but I left it unfinished because I couldn’t quite decide on a pun to use.

As usual, this drawing is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"They Called Him..." By C. A. Brown

“They Called Him…” By C. A. Brown

2 comments on “Today’s Art (29th September 2015)

  1. Champagne makes everything better 🙂 lol lovely work!

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