Today’s Art (7th October 2015)

Today’s painting is based on a dream that I had a couple of hours beforehand. Part of this dream involved taking a taxi ride along Portsdown Hill (which overlooks Portsmouth, giving you a beautiful view of the city). Anyway, in the dream, I suddenly noticed that the city was filled with large palm trees.

Since I’d forgotten to consciously memorise the landscape whilst I was dreaming, I’ve probably made countless errors in this painting (I also used a fair amount of artistic licence with regard to the colour scheme too). On the plus side, the Spinnaker Tower seems to be in roughly the right place though.

As a blog exclusive, I’ll also provide the “work in progress” lineart for this painting too.

As usual, both pictures in this post are released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"The Palms Of Portsmouth (A Dream)" By C. A. Brown

“The Palms Of Portsmouth (A Dream)” By C. A. Brown

And here’s the lineart:

"The Palms Of Portsmouth (Lineart)" By C. A. Brown

“The Palms Of Portsmouth (Lineart)” By C. A. Brown


4 comments on “Today’s Art (7th October 2015)

  1. babbitman says:

    And the Spinnaker Tower on the edge too 🙂

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