Today’s Art (22nd December 2015)

Well, I was in the mood for making some “Resident Evil 3” fan art for today but, fairly soon after I started sketching this picture, I realised something about “Resident Evil 3”.

Even though it’s possibly the coolest “Resident Evil” game ( although “Resident Evil 2” is just as cool), it’s missing a certain something… or, rather, a certain someone

On a technical level, this painting really didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped and it required quite a bit of digital editing after I scanned it (amongst other things, I totally messed up the lighting and ended up digitally removing parts of it).

Since this is fan art, this painting will NOT be released under any kind of Creative Commons licence.

"Fan Art - Resident Evil 3" By C. A. Brown

“Fan Art – Resident Evil 3” By C. A. Brown

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