Comics News – See “Damania Redux” Early, Upcoming Comics Schedule etc…

2016 Comics news January

Although I tried to make sure that my previous comic (which can be read here) had something close to a simultaneous DeviantART / WordPress release, this unfortunately won’t really be possible with the comics that I’ve got planned for this year (due to the way that I schedule things). But, don’t worry, there will be some extra stuff here to compensate for the later WordPress release dates. More on that later in the article.

But, first, if you’re a fan of my “Damania” webcomic series, then you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve recently started posting “Damania Redux” – a new ‘old style’ 12 comic mini series on DeviantART. The new comics can be viewed after the long description at the top of this page. They will also be updated daily.

So far, there are just two “Damania Redux” comics on there but, thanks to DeviantART’s content rules, one of them requires site membership to view (it contains some slightly gruesome cartoon zombie art and I wasn’t sure if this met the criteria for “mature content” under DeviantART’s rules). It will be posted in full here though.

Anyway, one of the things that I’ll be doing to make up for this gigantic difference in release dates is that the complete “work in progress” line art for the series will be posted here (and only here) on the 30th March. Line art will also be posted sometime after the other two mini series that I have planned to post here too.

In addition to this, one blog article that will be posted after “Damania Redux” finishes here (or possibly during it’s run, I can’t remember the exact date for the article) will contain an exclusive comic update that was cut from the series. Likewise, during the spring and early summer, there will also be at least a few “making of” articles and articles about making webcomics.

In addition to this, I’ll also provide you with a list of dates for when all of my upcoming “Damania” comics (these include both traditional-style webcomic mini series and short B&W narrative comics) will be posted here. They’ll probably appear on DeviantART earlier than this though.

1st – 12th March 2016: “Damania Redux” (12 episode webcomic mini series)

12th -27th April 2016: “Damania Resurgence” (15 episode webcomic mini series)

11th- 18th May 2016: “The Charity Case: A Harvey Delford Mystery” (Yes! Harvey finally gets his own comic!)

25th May – 10th June 2016: “Damania Returns” (17 [?] episode webcomic mini series)

14th June – 22nd June 2016: “The ‘Let’s Play’ ” (Derek and Rox try to make a “let’s play” video for a banned computer game from the 1990s. Hilarity ensues.)

Sorry again about the differences in release dates, but – whether you read the comics here or on DeviantART – then I hope that you enjoy them 🙂

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