Top Ten Articles – February 2016

2016 Artwork Top Ten Articles February

First of all, happy leap year everyone 🙂 Did you know that, in France, there’s actually a magazine that is only published on the 29th February? Anyway, this site updates far more regularly than that, which brings me on to today’s post.

It’s the end of the month and you know what that means. Yes, it’s time for me to give you a list of ten of my favourite articles about writing, comics and/or art that I’ve posted here this month (as well as a few honourable mentions too). So, let’s get started:

Top Ten Articles For February 2016:

– “Two Tips For When You Need To Focus On A New Creative Project (But You’ve Already Got Several Others Too)
– “Four Cool Things That The Horror Genre Can Do That (Most) Other Genres Can’t
– “Four Ways To Add Humour To Interactive Fiction
– “How To Know When You’ve Had An Inspired Story Or Comic Idea
– “Why Are Gamebooks Such An Overlooked Genre?
– “Five Reasons Why Almost All Artists Make Fan Art
– “How To Use Mysterious Locations In Horror Fiction And Comics
– “You Need More Than A Good Concept To Make Good Art
– “Three Skills You’ll Need If You Want To Paint Or Draw With A Limited Palette.
– “Characterisation In Interactive Fiction

Honourable Mentions:

– “Artist, Writer… Know Thyself!
– “Why You Need To Use Eccentric Characters When Writing Comedy.
– “How To Plan A Gamebook If You Have A Short Creative Attention Span

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