One Quick Feel-Good Way To Get Artistically Inspired

2016 Artwork awesomeness inspiration article sketch

A while back, I was feeling slightly uninspired. In fact, I was feeling uninspired because I wasn’t in a particularly great mood. It was one of those miserable melancholic moods of mild paranoia and self-loathing.

I’d tried to lighten my spirits by looking at cool things related to my favourite movies and retro videogames, but it didn’t quite hit the spot. So, realising that I needed to lift my mood and to make some art, I decided to try a rather interesting exercise.

I’d try to make a painting that either contained or contained allusions to everything I could think of that I personally considered “awesome, cool and/or brilliant“. Whether it was character designs, fashions, genres, food, drink, music, technology, decades etc… I’d see how much of it I could cram into one digitally-edited painting.

This was the result:

"All Kinds Of Awesome" By C. A. Brown

“All Kinds Of Awesome” By C. A. Brown

Needless to say, I was in a better mood after making this distilled compilation of amazing stuff. But, most of all, I realised that I hadn’t quite put everything into this painting that I could. There was a lot more awesome stuff that I could think of that I just didn’t have room for in this painting.

So, naturally I decided to turn it into an art series and painted the second picture in the series a couple of hours afterwards:

"Even More Awesomeness" By C. A. Brown

“Even More Awesomeness” By C. A. Brown

If you’re feeling uninspired, then it might be worth trying out this exercise yourself. The trick is to go for things that you personally think are awesome, regardless of how random they may be. For me, this includes things like cyberpunk cities, various 1980s/1990s fashions, old videogames etc… but your own definition will probably be different.

Once you’ve thought of your collection of awesome things, then try to make a painting that shows the emotions they provoke in you, that shows for want of a less vague description) the atmosphere that surrounds these things.

Not only will you end up producing a piece of art that inspires you, but the results of combining lots of different things can sometimes be surprisingly different to what you might expect. It’s kind of like the old saying about how all creativity comes from connecting seemingly different things.

In addition to this, making an “awesome compilation” painting or drawing can be a useful practical exercise too, for the simple reason that you’ve got to work out a creative way to include lots of different things in a single image whilst still making sure that it has a good composition, colour scheme etc…

Not only that, it’s fun! Really fun!

But, as artistic exercises go, this is one of the coolest and most fun that I’ve found. You should totally try it out 🙂


Sorry for the short article, but I hope that it was useful 🙂

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