Today’s Art (26th April 2016)

Well, here’s the next comic in my short reboot of my old webcomic series (the previous short reboot can be seen here).

Well, for the penultimate comic in this mini series, I thought that I’d make a cynical comic about those jump scare-based horror movies that used to be all the rage in the early-mid ’00s.

Of course, American studios liked them because the lack of gruesome scenes meant that these films got a profitable “PG-13” rating in the states. However, since our censors in the UK are somewhat stricter with horror movies, most of these movies would get the same censorship certificate as a few “proper” horror movies do (eg: a “15” certificate). So, when I was a teenager, it was kind of Russian roulette which type of horror movie you would see when you went to the cinema LOL!

Although, at one point, this comic contained a cynical reference to the fact that these kind of films were released by American studios, I later changed this since I realised that said American studios didn’t actually invent this genre (in many cases, they were just lazily remaking much better horror movies from Japan, Korea, Thailand etc…).

As usual, this picture is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Damania Resurgence - Jump Scares" By C. A. Brown

“Damania Resurgence – Jump Scares” By C. A. Brown


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