Today’s Art (28th April 2016)

Well, after finishing my webcomic mini series, I was kind of in the mood for making a fairly quick painting and, well, this extremely random painting is the result of that. This painting ended up requiring slightly more digital editing than usual though.

As usual, this painting is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

"Sea Crystal" By C. A. Brown

“Sea Crystal” By C. A. Brown

3 comments on “Today’s Art (28th April 2016)

  1. apolla13 says:

    That sounds like a pretty wild nightmare but rather interesting as well. Dreams are strange things, don’t you think? Last night I had a dream about these feline creatures- panthers or cheetahs? I couldn’t tell exactly- but they were chasing after a man who had a bad leg and couldn’t run properly (not that he could have gotten away from them). Anyway, they could think and talk like intelligent human beings and one of them turns around to talk to her cub and she’s got these wide, grinning human teeth complete with pink gums- teeth they steal from their human victims. Why? I don’t know. It was really unnerving to see it in a panther/cheetah but there it was. I don’t know if that counts as horror and it wasn’t so much a nightmare as it was weird. There were other pieces to the dream as well but that’s the one that stuck out most to me.

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