Editorial Cartoon: “Our ‘Culture’ Secretary! “

Most of the time, I try to avoid politics on this blog [eg: I’m still not sure if I’ll talk about the EU referendum or not]. But, after reading news stories like this and this earlier today, I felt so shocked and incensed that I just had to make a scathing political cartoon about John Whittingdale’s nefarious plans to damage the BBC. All in the name of helping out the “commercial” stations (bastions of quality programming, that they are...).

The BBC is one of the many things that makes Britain great. Yes, it probably isn’t perfect and, yes, the licence fee is an endless source of controversy. But, it’s pretty much the only broadcaster we have that is known and respected across the world. It’s independent (from government and advertisers) and it exists to produce quality programs and impartial news reporting. It is a rare and beautiful thing. It is the envy of many other countries. Like the NHS, it’s one of the few things that everyone in Britain – regardless of their political views– can be proud of.

If I was in a more intemperate mood, I’d use words like “vandalism” or “sacrelige” to describe what our so-called “culture secretary” plans to do with the BBC. But, I’ll satisfy myself by saying that the role of a culture secretary is to promote and preserve culture, not to damage or destroy it.

(And, yes, making a political cartoon about this is about as useful as signing an online petition. But, well, it’s something that I just had to make.)

Unlike most of my art, this editorial cartoon is NOT released under a Creative Commons licence of any kind.

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] "Editorial Cartoon - Our 'Culture' Secretary!" By C. A. Brown

[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE] “Editorial Cartoon – Our ‘Culture’ Secretary!” By C. A. Brown


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